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Описание сортов цитрусовых

Sweet oranges


Сладкий апельсин происходит

'Jincheng' sweet oranges

  The Portugal orange



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  Sweet orange Citrus × sinensis

  Nucellar embryony

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Blood oranges
'Jincheng' oranges
© Jorma Koskinen


Chironja comes from Puerto Rico and exhibits resemblances to both the orange and grapefruit, particularly to the latter. The name is a combination of Chi(na), the local term used for the sweet orange, and (to)ronja, the Spanish word for grapefruit. Chironja was found in 1956 as a wild seedling tree in the mountainous section Puerto Rico. Later other seedling trees were found in isolated areas of the coffee zone. The fruit is large (grapefruit size) and has a few strongly polyembryonic seeds. Rind is medium-thin, smooth, moderately adherent but easily peelable. Segments about 10, central axis medium-large and semi-open. Flesh is yellowish-orange, tender and very juicy. The flavour is mild, lacking the bitterness of the grapefruit. Midseason in maturity and fruit holds well on tree. Tree is vigorous, large, and grapefruit-like; leaves broadly winged, somewhat cupped, and margins irregularly undulate. Fruits usually borne singly rather than in clusters characteristic of grapefruit.